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Hi there :D
I've just got a new project and would be very happy to meet someone that did similar conversions to help out along the way.

Hello hello :D
After 10 years riding street bikes and bit of drz400e/sm it's time to get down and dirty!
Just got myself a 99 DR650 with 2 sets of wheels and good bit of mods as well, aiming to build 2 bikes in one: using the SM configuration for commuting, city rides, short motorway rides (up to 3-4 hours) and of course, twisty back-roads :bannana:
No intention to race, just learn SM riding techniques might go with racers on tracks for practice runs.

Off-road intentions are long trips including camping over unpaved paths and the odd obstacles on the way. I'm into speed, distances and the open road, not trail/hard enduro riding:hmmm:

Previous owner did most of the conversion, now I'm here to finish it and customise the bike to me :Funny:

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