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Long Range WRF

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I have just commenced a rebuild/remodelling of my WRF and thought you guys might like to look at how we build them here for the Australian conditions. It is fitted with all the good gear and has already given me 24,700 hassle free miles. Used daily. Will have fresian cow printed decals, yep I said cow print! :rofl: Frame will be the same colour as the metallic grey on the timing cover, and all blue remaining parts changed to white. ...Muzz...
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AV80R, The stand you ask about is a factory WRF item painted Yamaha blue...
Shane, You bet I'll be calling in! Sounds like your mate could certainly be of assistance in parts sourcing/manufacture. As far as the leg goes, I had the same trouble with the tibia and ended up with bone stimulators fitted for 5 months! :headshake...I got good reception on cable though! :rofl:
Finally all the plastic bits are on, only to come off again in a week or so for a frame colour change to the engine case gunmetal colour. Took these tonight.
What kind of tires are those on there, and what are they like to ride on?
nice.....i just picked up an 01 yz426f and gonna try and make it similar.....well no cow stuff
nice to know the yamis last that long. i've got an 04 wr with less than 400 miles on it, looks like i've got a long and happy road ahead! sweet bike, the cow print works for me!
Kwota, Those tyres are Avon Distanzias. :bowdown: They are shit hot and I dont use anything else! Supermoto specific in 120/70 and 150/60 wear very well and adhesion is as good as you want, very predicable and stable at speed.
SCYRacing12, The secret to engine/gearbox longevity on 5 valve Yamahas is in the maintenance initially coupled with common sense. I have fitted a K&N crankcase filter to the top of the rockerbox eliminating the engine breather pipe and sealing the engine to suspended particle, (dust) and regularly service the aircleaner. I use a precleaner insert in the airbox sides I made to offer a better system of air filtration without restriction. Do not use washable oil filters and only use fully synthetic racing grades of oil. I have only used Mobil 1 full synthetic in mine changed every 5 hours. Gets expensive I suppose, but I have saved some in breakages too. Be smooth with the gearbox dont load it up under heavy throttle and roll off to set up for corners etc as it stresses the box in ways it wasn't designed for given tyre adhesion. Common sense stuff man and you'll have a reliable fast streeter!
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Hmm...24700 miles, oil change every 5 hours (300 miles) with Mobile 1, damn that is about $2000 in Oil.. :clap: :clap:
Yeah and thats at your dollar value too. A gearbox is $1800 here so I reckon its still worth it. (Its an '03 model)
I use Mobil 1 as well, it is expensive but I have never had a problem with it :thumbup:
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