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Long Range WRF

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I have just commenced a rebuild/remodelling of my WRF and thought you guys might like to look at how we build them here for the Australian conditions. It is fitted with all the good gear and has already given me 24,700 hassle free miles. Used daily. Will have fresian cow printed decals, yep I said cow print! :rofl: Frame will be the same colour as the metallic grey on the timing cover, and all blue remaining parts changed to white. ...Muzz...
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ha muzzard looks sweet just dont let any kiwi's near it as they will try and milk it or shag it or both my 2 stripped 2 nights ago frames and swingarm's off to get powder coated, and both engines getting totaly stripped one just had a top end rebuild but will pull them both down to nothing and go right through them ,got a slipper waiting for me in AUS off in the morning till the 18th all should be done when i get back just have to put them back together and ride the things ,going to go to the race in perth looks like they have a great line up all the names will be there ill try and get loads of good pic's
made it at last first time in 5years back here and has not changed a bit .i hope you had a good xmas and new year .the leg is going well got xrays last week i walked in there to get them and the doctor was not impressed ,turns out the tib still not back together yet 2-3mm to go fib is ok both breacks bonded well,so back on the crutches for a cupple of weeks fitness is right on heaps of bike work at the gym should be good to go when i get back.i hope you have planed a stop over in bangkok for a few days ,then you can come down to pattaya bring your kit and we can take the 450's out we have 5 cart tracks and 3 motorcross/supercross tracks with in 20 min so loads of places to play .my mate has a company that makes parts for nsr's and nc30's so we know all the contacts for getting stuff coppied or made ,just let me know if i can help my end .
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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