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Long Range WRF

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I have just commenced a rebuild/remodelling of my WRF and thought you guys might like to look at how we build them here for the Australian conditions. It is fitted with all the good gear and has already given me 24,700 hassle free miles. Used daily. Will have fresian cow printed decals, yep I said cow print! :rofl: Frame will be the same colour as the metallic grey on the timing cover, and all blue remaining parts changed to white. ...Muzz...
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There is something to be said about Yamaha motors in general...THEY NEVER DIE!...I had 60,000 kms on my Yamaha R6 motor, and I beat the hell out of it, never did a valve adjustment, did 2 oil changes a season, and that it...60,000 and it still ran, didn't burn much oil...also, I've got a few Yamaha snowmobiles with 20,000 kms on one, a 600 cc two-stroke, never been rebuilt or touched....just rode hard and put away wet!
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