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Early next year (Jan-Feb) I plan to rebuild my 84 XL600 motor and swap in a freshly rebuilt tuned/ported carburetor but lack the space and tools. I'm looking for a good/reliable engine builder and or carb rebuilder/modder in the Riverside area to complete the job(s). Preferably with in a months time.

I HAVE CASH!! no trades, no favors, no tattoos, no BS

New motor will include:
102.4mm Wiseco piston/wrist pin/rings (jug needs bore/hone from 100.5mm)
MegaCycles full race cam
MegaCycles shortened titanium race valves, shims, guides, ect..
MegaCycles reground stock rockers (fleabay for donors)
Falicon knife rod/crank/bearings
Complete Engine seal kit
** HEAD needs port/polish **
** Repair/heli-coil damage as needed **

Carb needs:
Full Rebuild (will provide kit w/seals/springs/bigger jets/ect..)
Port and polish internals

I'm not too concerned with the cost, more concerned with the time out of the saddle.

I already have most of the parts on order with MegaCycles, just need to find some donor rocker arms for the regrinds on EBAY. (currently 3 week wait time)

I have as much as $2000 CASH set aside for this build for just the labor. Doesn't mean I wanna spend it all on labor but I don't have much of a choice.

Any takers???

Ryan -> [email protected] or 949)3574336 (between 3pm and 10 pm)
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