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After a lot of consideration I've decided that I have a few too many hobbies, and with the state of the economy and my lack of consistent work this past year, the supermoto bike must go. I know this isn't the classified section, but the bike has been listed there for some time now and I really don't want to deal with shipping. For those of you who know me and more importantly the bike, you know it is seriously fast (motor built by Matt Spencer), and is setup to race. I also spent some pretty serious $$$ with SL Motorsports freshening it up this winter in hopes of racing it. I was considering removing the Hinson slipper before selling it, but at this point it's installed and will go with the bike.

Anyone who is interested should PM or email me. At this point I'm thinking $3K, but I won't refuse any serious cash offer, and I have the title in hand. I have current pics I can email you, or you can swing by SL Motorsports and see it in person.

Hopefully next year things will turn around for me and I can consider racing again, but until that time, I could certainly use a hand finding a good home for this bike.

Thanks guys and have a great season!
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