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Leaded gasoline

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This is probably a stupid question but a local gas station here in Wisconsin sells 110 octane leaded race gas at the pump for only $3.00 per gallon. Does anyone know if it is safe to use in my SMR525?
I am sure the octane is ok but what about the lead?
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I use racefuel in my MZ the stuff at the pump is almost 107 unleaded, no prob, I know two guys that run that fuel everyday, for a couple years now..... I was told that leaded high octane (110 ? approx) is better because the lead in the fuel actually helps lube the piston... some say to mix the two types........ I was very pleased with the extra performance... the only thing I noticed is the condensation that is created in the tank with those fuels...engine actually starved when I was street riding then I opened the cap and saw huge condensation..........well thats all I know... I know Ron West knows more about fuels than a chemist... well maybe not quite :D
I always run 110 leaded in my crf. Even if it didn't work I'd run it for the smell. I was always told that the lead acts as a cusion for the valves against the seat. Anyway, I think I am going to move to Washington for $3/gal.
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