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On August 25th at about 3:00pm, our server admin (Robert Basil) left the building. All posts along with his user account were deleted. The site will not be effected and nothing will change. No authorities have been notified, and no log files were forwarded to them..

What does this mean to you? Fortunately Nothing. :infrandom

Same great site, now with 50% more work, and all new backup protection!

Now! Also available in extra crispy for that crunchier crunch! :D

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Just for the record...

I sent Eddie an Email a few days ago letting him know that I would no longer feel comfortable running his server as it seems that someone is targeting me and any servers I run, so I don't want anything to happen to the SMJ server. (again)

Eddie did not ask for me to quit, in fact I was busy rebuilding the SMJ website when I decided to leave.

I wish you all and Eddie (and you too Amy!) the best of luck with SMJ!
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