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Laguna Seca Ride? Thur 7/7/05

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OK I'm going to restart this post as the Moto GP weekend is getting closer and closer. :bowdown:

A buddy and I are trucking our bikes up to Laguna Seca this year for the Moto GP. :rock:

We're driving from Vegas on July 6th Wed and staying in Salinas through until Sunday. Anyone want to meet for a ride on Thursday July 7th? I'm not too clued up on the roads around that area, so if there are any local Tarders out there who would like to meet at the entrance to the track on Thursday give me a shout.

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We are heading down on Saturday the 2nd and riding all week. If you want to exchange contact info, we can try to hook up. We have flagroom passes as well, so we will see you there. :thumbup:
Brv, what will you guys be riding?
I'll be in a gray Multistrada
We are taking our sportbikes... I'll be on my 04 Nicky Hayden rep RC-51, and my two friends will be on their 2-smoke gp bikes (one 94 RGV 250, and one 00 RS 250). :thumbup: Are you gonna be in the flagroom area parking?
Same here... look for the fat guy wearing a backpack full of drinks from the hospitality tent! :lol:
I'll make sure I grab you some soda, and water... :thumbup: (they don't have any beer :headshake )
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