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Hey all, sorry I did'nt post this in the 4 sale section, but there is no real section for tix.
I would like to sell as the pair. The price is what I paid for them from Laguna Seca.
$310 for the set you get
2 general adm.
2 paddock
2 turn 4 g/s seats for sat/sun.
this is for JUly 18th thru the 20th.

Or I need to get rid of 2 flagroom tix. I'm trying to sell the above g/a tix sooo I can use the flagroom.

the flagroom for the pair is face value as well. $750 for the pair. you get the above metioned plus

catered breakfast, and lunch.
All you can drink soda's, and 3-4 different beers, and wine.
1 event program
tented viewing area of turn 4, and 5, with closed circuit t.v.'s
v.i.p. flagroom parking for I think 2 bikes. or 1 car.

I drive for a living, so I don't get to the net to often. CALL ME for more info 562-777-4922 David I'm actually losing my shipping, and handling fee on these, I'm not making a dime. Just trying to get rid of extra tix. Thanks everyone.
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