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KX 65 new build

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Ok Guys to all you bike builders out there what would make the Ultimate KX65 Build.
This is going to be a winter build so getting all the info ,website/links etc...
Please Add to my shopping list..
KX65 08/09
Alloy swingarm
Alloy Tank
Alloy Twin Rads or over size singal rad ?
Alloy Catch tank
Talon Hubs
Cyclone 215 x 12" Rims
Ohlins Shock
Marzocchi works shiver usd forks
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If you are going to spend that kind of money, why don't you start with a faster bike like a LEM or a Cobra or even a KTM? I have a KX65 and it is a great bike, but I'm told the KTM is quicker than a KX and that the engines in the LEM and Cobra's are even quicker than the KTM.

Good Luck in whatever you do.

Thank you Rob,,Cobra is out as parts are hard to find in Europe ..Dont like LEM .. Yes we could go with KTM & i may do just that . I would have done motor work on the KX anyway but i know what you are saying..
09 KTM does looks very impressive ...
Unless you're competing w/ the fastest riders on the fastest bikes, don't worry about it. The fastest bike can not make the slowest rider fast. Build what you're comfortable with and comfortable on. Even though the ktms in our mini class are faster than the kx's they still get smoked most of the time. Just have fun and improve skill. Speed will come. ;-)
Look into pricing parts for the KTM. They'll be more money then the KX and harder to get.
I have 3 KTM big bikes for MX, Enduro and Supermoto and parts are more then The Big 4 Jap brands and sometimes have to wait for parts.

KX will be much cheaper in the long run.

KX65 is a great bike, fun as hell, and fast as long as you gear it right and keep it in the powerband.

Go for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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