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Hello my Friends,

I am Eduardo from Spain and I am not new in SMJ, but I forgot the pass and I had to make a new account.

I had a KTM 450 2005, KTM SUPERDUKE R 2008 and a hsq SMR 2007.

Well I have bought a KTM SMR 450 2014 and It is a rocket, but I would like to change the original exhaust for a titanium akra.

For sure I have to adjust the engine control unit parameters, because this is an injection bike and It has not got lambda sensor. Anyone could help me?

I have investigated and It is not necessary a Power Commander. In old KTM SD 990 I changed ECU parameters with a KTM software. It is possible in KTM SMR 2014?

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE and have a nice weekend!
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