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Ktm Guys!! I Need Your Opinion

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so im just getting into this sport. i am looking for a starter bike that will be fun.. all im looking to do is have some fun around my town on the streets. I think i found a good bike but i nee some opion. Im sure the guy will see this post but thats ok im doing my research. Maybe you guys have seen the bike on here, its the ktm 380. Wut do you guys this about this bike? would it be fun, fast, or a pain in the ass? THROW YOUR OPINIONS OUT THERE
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check out the service intervals. the race oriented sumo's tend to require a little more attention than some street oriented sumos like a drz400. as far as performance, this ktm will probably rip much more than any drz.
how will this bike compare to a 4 stroke service wise? i know id have to put a top end in it after a while? Ive heard this motor is very powerfull. Will you have to tune this motor more often then a 4 stroke?
Overall maintenance will be much, much less than with todays high strung 4 strokes. In my experience, all of my 2 strokes have been infinitely less picky than my 560 smr (4 stroke). I wouldn't worry about top end rebuilds either... I could disassemble and reassemble my 125 in 2 hours or so:clap: and parts are dirt cheap compared to a 4 stroke top end rebuild. BUT, are you sure you want to mix gas every time you ride, and carry a bottle of oil with you for gas station fill ups?
yea ive rebuilt my cr 125 with no problem in 3 hours. Ive rebuilt snowmobile motors and so on...thats not really an issue. That whole carrying around oil thing may not be fun. JBOSE how often do you ride your bike? Oil Changes, Valve adjustments, Top ends? how often do these things have to be done on a 4 stroke?
the ktm rfs engines seem to require a valve adjustment about every 15 to 20 hours of use... but ill do mine sooner if i think it needs it. As far as oil goes, Ive been changing it every 200 miles! I know TOASTER on here is changing his every 1000 miles or so, but I see the 200 mile oil change as cheap insurance.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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