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Yeah i figured as much, but as long as i can snag an exhaust, K&N filter, front sprocket, Pro-tec lid (i think KTM has a similar one as well) and a dampener i'd be happy. Jet kit shouldn't be a problem, but finding graphics, plastics, seats etc might be a pain but i'm not pressed. The more research i do, the more i'm leaning to the 690. Looks like alot of parts could be interchangeable between the Duke and other KTMs as well, at least i hope so because the front fender is, for lack of a better word, :poo:...
No jet kit - FI for the 690 :arsenal

edit: and the front fender actually helps a lot - i hit a sludge pit on mine, and it kept some really nasty funk from getting everywhere :lol:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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