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Bought an 06 625smc for a been sitting for couple years after being stolen and missing 2 days...Keyed switch missing...battery gone...kick starter off..
My little tear down winter project
Going to sort out the electrics first..get that have some way to start
Suggestions from you on review of engine..Guy says it was running before incident..(who knows)

1. Pull and clean carb.(That should be nice and green)
2. Change oil.(.Hear that's fun on these)
3 Possibly fog engine and look at cylinder with bore scope..
4. Valve check
5. Clean tank.fresh fuel
6. Check spark.

Push button for blast off
What am I missing.....?

Hope to put it on the stand and strip it completely down over the winter....go thru everything .but thought an engine run 1st might be possible
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