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First denied twice on the Katoom. Then my fling with Pookiebear's DR didn't pan out once I showed I was serious to the DR and wanted a commitment- she has decided to stay with her owner.

While I am happy for them and their relationship, I WANT A STREET SUMO!

So. I'm not looking for "nice personalities" if they are going to desert me just like the sexxy ones, lust is driving me now. I want her to be sexy, cheap, and easy. To me that means a 620 with a title and lights. Sumo would be nice, but I can put her uner the knife myself, if need be. Cosmetic surgery is fine, you can call her fake all you want, but as long as I get off on riding her, I don't care what anyone else says.

Feel free to try change my mind with something else you may think will turn my head, however. I can be fickle until I find my true love.
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