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ktm 525/560??????

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hey im new here by the way! i am looking into getting either a ktm 625 or the ktm 525. i know that the 625 is meant as a supermoto, but are the 525/560 just enduros that people then put supermoto tires on? :rolleyes2:
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Welcome, new here myself so not much help with your question. Enjoy all the info, someone will chime in here soon, Later Jared
I believe they make 'SMR' KTMs whcih are SM versions of said bikes. But im not 100% on that...
the 525EXC is an enduro bike that many convert to sumo. it comes street legal with lights etc. from the factory. the 560SMR is sumo racebike. it doesn't come street legal although many have manged to make them so. both bike require a lot of maintenance compared to the 625SMC.
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