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I cannot for the life of me find the source of this oil leak.

Ideally i should have checked all of this before buying the bike but anyway too late for that.

Took the bike out for its first ride, much wheelies later came back and noticed oil dripping on the floor. Initially traced this back to the banjo bolt on the oil line at the top of the cylinder head, replaced bolt and washers.. no luck. Cleaned the whole head thoroughly, took her out for a 30 second blast but still couldn't trace the leak back, in the end decided to the go through every bolt on the head/cam cover, BINGO! the fucker below was loose, which actually turned out to be the wrong bolt and was in fact far too short.

replaced with the correct bolt, nice and tight, took out for another blast and no longer any oil on the head... instead i now have oil all above and around the kickstart/oil level screen. I know these 2 have a tenancy to leak but it doesn't look like it's coming from them, instead somewhere higher and leaking down.

So annoying i just want to ride. If i was to take her for a full rebuild what does this involve, do they replace all engine gaskets in the process?

Any help here appreciated, I'm completely stuck.
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