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KTM 380 2-stroke Street Legal

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This bike has been completely tricked out and meant for racing. It has everything you would want for a supermoto. Extra sprocket also. It has a street legal title too. It just needs EXC lights put on it but does come with the pig tails to attach the light. Amazing bike, I have 5k into it and would like 4 but an open to offers. It has Excel rims with Talon hubs, Every bearing has been replaced, has the F2 unshock, and a ton of other parts meant for racing. It also comes with the street title so you can rip it up on the streets. Brand new tires, and every part has been powdercoated black. If you want more photos email me your address and I can get you as many as you want. I can also get a discount on shipping.
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I am in Milwaukee.
Sale Status

It is still for sale and I have a GPR stabilizer for it and dirt wheels. I also have lights that I am going to mount onto it.
Price drop

If you can pick it up within a day, I will sell it for $3500 cash in hand, pm me your # and I will call you up and give you my address. my zip code is 53144. I just need some cash.
I am keeping it now or going to part it out, If the Admin. can delete this add.
Back up for sale!!!

I have put on DOT front and rear lights, I have the switch for high and low beam and I also have the brake light switch. These are not installed since I have not yet decided to put signals on it. It is flully street legal, I have a kickstand but the bolt broke off in the bracket so I purchased a new bracket but you still have to get the bolt out of the kickstand and spring. I have DOT Scorpion tires on the bike and I bought new dirt wheels for the bike too. I had to purchase a spacer from enduro engineering for it since I put a trailtec on it. This bike is mint and runs perfectly. So really all you need is a computer, keeping mine, ignition (easy, splices into the kill line), decide if you want signals or not, if not I have the H/L switch and hook up the brake light switch. It comes with extra sprokets, dirt and moto fenders, dirt and moto tires already on rims. Basically it is a dual sport on the weekends and a daily driver during the week, or just race AMA with it. I spent some money and time getting it set up, and you can decide if you want just the moto rims or dirt or both, price will reflect this. This bike is SICK! On and Off road, and rides nice on the street, especially with Pilots. I have just gotten a KX500, street legal, that I will build up and sell so I need the room and I had my fun on this one, the price is determined on what you want with it, Offers are accepted, just justify them and I will be reasonable. If I feel your offer is fair, and can afford it I will include shipping. Drop me a line and if you are close come and look at it. Then reply on your opinion of the bike. Or if you buy it I will reduce costs since I don't have to ship. I have an extra seat for it too, TO ME THE SEAT MAKES IT A DONE DEAL! :thumbup:
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