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Hey all so I’ve purchased my first bike a little while ago now it’s a 2010 KTM EXC-F 250 with a super moto set up Had around 7000 km / 150 hrs on it and got it pretty cheap (I think haha)

it’s got a big bore kit to 280cc
Pro taper bars
FMF 4:1 full exhaust
17” SMPro platinum wheel
Hinson clutch cover
Trail Tech Vapor speedo
Some of the standard bling and probably some
other bits I’m forgetting about

it currently has 7,650 km / 165 hrs on it
I’ve got a lot of service paperwork for it and I think it’s been a sumo / on the road for most of its life so I’m curious as to how long you generally get out of these bikes before you start getting a lot of trouble with them and also wondering what my maintenance should be looking like.
I pretty much only ride on sealed roads and maybe the odd dirt road here and there.
How far can I go between oil and filter changes, how often should I get the valves checked etc and what would be the first signs to look for when I need to do the top end?
I’ve been doing a fair bit of research and the info varies a bit some say up to 1000 miles for oil change which seems like a lot. Others say every few rides which seems excessive.
so looking for some info of you sumo junkies on where the happy medium is.

for the mean time I plan to keep this bike forever as a bit of a learning bike for actually riding, modding and learning the mechanical ins and outs before I eventually purchase a bigger version of the KTM when I’m ready and funds allow me to so any help would be greatly appreciated.

ill update with some pics soon when I figure out how ✌🏽
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