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Bought this wheel a month ago from someone - Had 2 cracks and a small dent on one side.

My plan was originally to retrofit my '07 SMR with a dirt setup, but since then i've purchased an '04 EXC for dirt, so i no longer need this wheel.

Cracks and small dent professionally welded and repaired by a master metal fabricator here in town that also rides supermoto and races at Hallett (our local sportbike track).

He could have perfected the surfaces even more but at this point, the wheel is straight and true and would just be cosmetic work. Theres maybe a .020 deflection in one little area of the lip, but this was mostly from smoothing the welds down to look good.

Sorry for the mediocre pictures - if you want better ones i'll use my other camera and Email them.

The arrow points to the repaired area. The word "Takasago" was removed during the process.

$150 + shipping OBO

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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