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KRYPTONITE RECALL for round key locks

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Anyone that has a Kryptonite lock with a round key can send it in and get a replacement with a normal key as part of a class action.

All the information is here

and this is not a April fool!

Enjoy. I will be getting 3 new locks soon! :clap:
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and your bike goes completely unprotected for 3-5 weeks!!! :headscrat
i think of it as a deterrent...i lock my bikes together and the u-lock is obscured by a bike cover most of the time...
but that is pretty sad turnaround time considering all the people who bought their locks instead of theft coverage on their bikes. c'mon!!!
naaah...i'm not really complaining, but you should just need to send them 1 key (i believe they're all coded, so i couldn't give them out to others to send in/get a free lock). that should be sufficient evidence that i purchased a lock.
i'm still waiting to get my link to the shipping label to return my stuff to them. they're probably hoping we all say 'screw it' and buy new locks instead! ;)
my g/f received hers today...took about 2 weeks. i just sent mine out today, so should be interesting to see how long it takes to arrive...
it looks like it's no longer compatible with the barbed wire cable i've got!!! i don't think you can remove the little plastic dust cover that spins around and covers the lock!!!
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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