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KRYPTONITE RECALL for round key locks

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Anyone that has a Kryptonite lock with a round key can send it in and get a replacement with a normal key as part of a class action.

All the information is here

and this is not a April fool!

Enjoy. I will be getting 3 new locks soon! :clap:
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edjo69 said:
It already is un-protected if you are using a round key lock, just a Bic pen away from belonging to someone else.

I tried to use a Bic pen on my disk lock, but my key Dia. is quite a bit larger than the pen diameter. ??? My last bike that got stolen, the Bastards just picked it up lock and all and put it in the truck bed (3 of them) :2hard :2hard
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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