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I just got back on Sunday from a one week vacation. I went from Chicago to Kansas City and back on my 2009 KLX250sf. I didn't take the Interstate (except briefly in KC), but stuck to back roads and secondary highways.

Just over 1500 miles in a week. Two days to get there, a few days to hang with friends and ride around, and three days to get back (rain slowed me down and made stops frequent).

I didn't bring a video camera with me on this trip (should have for some of the sweet roads and adventures!), but took some pictures.

I vlogged about the trip when I got back, and here's the short video (with pics):

Having the trunk was a lifesaver. And being a small person (only about 100 lbs) meant I could get away with packing more stuff.

Gas mileage: When I was doing extended straight runs in the 65-75mph range, I was only getting about 61-65mpg. When I was averaging 35-50mph in the twisties of north central MO, I was getting closer to 70-74mpg.

I changed the oil just before I left, and as soon as I got back. I cleaned and waxed my chain in KC before my return trip to Chicago.

What broke: One of the screws that holds on one of my radiator covers is just gone. I noticed it when going down the road I realized my left fairing/plastic felt really loose compared to the right. I pulled over, found the problem, and snapped the radiator cover back in place. Then I used a piece of ribbon to hold it in place until I got to KC, where the ribbon was replaced with a zip tie.

Also, one of the plastic pieces that holds my brake line to the front fork broke, and braking hard would result in the brake line being pushed down and rubbing against the rotor. A couple zip ties fixed this issue as well.

So, mechanical failure cost me 3 zip ties. Not bad. This engine seems pretty solid built.

Anybody know of any small saddle bags that would fit this bike? That would have made this trip so much easier.

Top Speed: Btw, when you DO take this little thing on the Interstate, everyone wants to race you. I go ahead and go WOT, then look over at them and shrug. I point at my throttle hand and motion with my left that there's nothing left. It tops out at about 83. Sorry, folks. They laugh and take off. Whatever, I usually pass those fools on the ramps. Or any time there's a curve/bend/turn in the road. It's my only hope on this thing.

Seriously, though, how many bikes can you fairly safely get away with going WOT on the expressway?? I love riding a slow bike fast. But lonely, back road twisties are still the best. I had some guy in a big pickup riding my tail because I was going about 50 in a 55. It was really hilly in that part of central MO and he couldn't pass. But then we got to the twisty section. Funny, but I completely lost him. I didn't speed up, either. I just didn't slow down.

The best roads in north central MO: 129, 149, 11, and AA. Just sayin'.
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