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KLX 400S as motard?

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What are your impressions for converting to SM? I'm wondering if the KLX has just the enduro version, as I can actually get it registered without a horn and lights in Idaho or NM! Is there a performance diff between the enduro and the street version? I know there's the diff in the DRZs.

My only other thing is; why should I spent the money for a KLX and then $1200 for wheels when I can find a KTM or Husky already motarded for that much or less?
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PC full system and jet kit w/ 3x3 mod.
Talon/Excel wheels w/ DRZSM speedo drive and EBC pro-lite rotor.
BD tail light and SHock Racing blinkers.
Kick-start kit.
KTM SM fender and the TAG clamp and bar.

Cams on the way.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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