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Kevin's DRZ450 - Ward's CRF

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Missing front brake line, master cylinder pivot bolt, and hand guard mounts. :headscrat It looks like someone took some of Kevin's parts and mounted them on a stock DRZ, with the to new looking case covers and clean frame paint behind the front wheel.
M Dubya said:
When I saw the #34 bike at last years bike show it had that really trick carb-appeared to be magnesium bodied. It also had a front hub I had never seen before, amongst other really trick bits.

One might guess that the really trick "unobtanium" parts are on his current bike or back with the factory. Bits like magnesium bodied flat slides often don't officially exist. :lol:

Most of the MX factory boys are running the Mag carbs, so they aren't that rare. :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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