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Kart track practice

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Would any of you az riders be interested in a practice session at a kart track?
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I would be interested! Always nice to ride more tracks. What track are you talking about? I thought the kart track guys here have a cow when you mention motorcycles. but if it can be arranged I'll be there.

Well, I don't have a date. I'm just gauging interest. The track is PKRA in North Phoenix at 43rd Ave and Pinnacle Peak next to Water World. I'm in touch with someone from there and they're going to propose the idea to the board. I'll keep everyone posted.
Any of you do trackdays in AZ?
My brother lives in puh-ho-nix and I come visit him from time to time. If it worked out that there was a track day during one of these visits, then I would be in for sure. So basically, I'm in. I live in Bakersfield right by the Buttonwillow track and we have started to do track days out there now as well. Give me a call if you get anywhere with setting a day up, and I will plan the trip.

And on another note, what's with the racing in your area, it seems like they don't race that much there and you guys have to drive all the way out to our neck of the woods. Is it better in the winter???


Sttars #12 :thumbup:

I'm still waiting to hear back from PKRA about whether or not their insurance will let us run there. So, I'll keep you posted when I hear back from them.

Racing in Phoenix (as far as road racing) is pretty weak out here. CCS races out here twice a year at Firebird, but there are not any local club races held out here. Team AZ used to host a Team AZ Road Racing Championship out at Arizona Motorsports Park. Unfortunately it was shut down because of complaints by the neighbors and problems with the permits.

There are trackdays that are run out at Firebird by two organizations. So it's not that bad. But if you want to race you either have to go to CA or NM (ASMA) or wait for the CCS show to come by. Riding out in the summer is crazy is real bad in the summer. Trackdays are run half days from 6-11:30, but it'll still hit 105 during that time.

How's that button willow kart track?

Buttonwillow is definately cool for me because it is only 25 minutes from my house, Sttars has several races there, they are alway open to motorcycles, and the track is fairly nice. They have all the track map variations on the web go to the kart section and they have all the variations. The dirt section is small, but that's the way it generally is for most tracks. The karts run in rotation with the bikes, and everyone gets along well and regulates themselves on time so there are no issues. We have the same problem you do with the heat here, by 8am it's already 95 or 100 out so we only ride till about noon, but if you like torture, you can ride all day. :thumbup:
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