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Just picked up an 06 560 SMR sreet legal!

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I sold my 03 625 SXC supermoto on Tues and picked up an 06 560 SMR, about 10 original hours on the bike, street legal, acherbis black plastic and headlight/taillight, aftermarket 3 gallon tank, Vaportech speedo, and full akrapovic exhaust set up :thumbup: This bike is a blast to ride, a little more torque than my 625 with about 2x the hp, plus its 60lbs lighter. i rode it home from Seattle to Spokane that night, that wasn't fun to say the least. got pulled over twice, once in Moses lake and once in Ritzville because the lighting set up on this bike is a joke. Both cops thought i was riding with them off. need to get a better stator or what? at night i'm invisible and can't see anything in front of me on dark roads. need to get that taken care of asap. gonna order in some dual star mirrors and a ktm electric start kit as well as an 08 EXC diamond stock headlight and put an HID in that.
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Pics or it didn't happen:D
Here's a really crappy camera phone pic i just took at work, i swapped the stock orange shrouds back on, i like it to have a little orange still. more powerful stator, 09 EXC headlight and HID kit on the way :bannana:

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DAMN dude! You made it, nice work man. Long ride on an RFS.
How'd you get the spare parts home?

Glad you bought it, I wanted to but just couldn't swing after picking up the SMC.

Thanks man! I'm loving this thing so far, the initial ride home wasn't great. had to swap sprockets in a starbucks parking lot before hitting the road again which put me in the pass at night fall. was kind of sketchy, got pulled over 2x and was heald up in ritzville till 3 am, but i finally made it to spokane at about 4 am... with the worst monkey butt i've ever had in my life. and my buddy drove me there in his bmw 328I, and then i tossed all the spare shit in his trunk and he followed me back. coming from my 625 this thing doesn't rattle my brains out even a 1/4 as much, way smoother motor with great pull. raced an Audi IS4 on the freeway on the way back, we rolled on at 65, and he didn't catch up until i'm maxed out at about 105. at that point he flys past but i was satisfied with how hard i pulled on him until then :thumbup:
:bannana:how is bike on road im looking at a 07 model allready has e-start and better stator
I talked to the owner in Cookeville. Seems like a straight up dude. He's got some more pics, just ask him to email them to you.
which HID kit did you get? And how did it work out?
wow thanks going to bank about finances before calling him. hate to get up anyones hope then not be able to come thru with deal:rant:
Well its an adrenaline rush every time i ride it, my shoulders are soar after riding for a while because it wants to pull your arms out of socket constantly, my ass kills for anything over like an hour on the bike. gas mileage kinda sucks, have to fill up every 80 miles or so and i have a 3 gallon aftermarket tank. I ride with a group of guys with sportbikes and harleys, and i've convinced them freeways are evil so i have no problem keeping up with and passing my sport bike friends on the twisty roads, and even on the straights up to about 105, this bike is so much fun it should be illegal. Get it and you won't regret it :thumbup:

HID is sitting in the box at home still, waiting for my new wiring harness to come in, have to re-wire the entire bike so i can rock the stock headlight, decided on a 2010 headlight because it has high/low beam instead of just on/off. Mine has a cluster fuck of wiring going on right now so i'm starting from scratch on it to fix my low light issues i've been having :rolleyes:

Got lucky the other day when i went to transfer the title, first DOL i went to ran the vin and they said no bueno!, they said they can give me orv stickers but can't transfer the title as a road bike... well i said suck it easy and left, i went to a new DOL across town that they just put in, lady didn't even question it, i payed her, she transfered it and sent me on my way. so for now i'm in the clear, i just hope i don't get a letter from the state soon..:headshake
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Rock n' Roll on the plate man! :thumbup: When one of 'em tells ya it can't be done, throw up the bird and roll on outta there across town. Good deal. :clap:
Yep you just gotta flirt with the right desk clerk and your in the clear :thumbup:

Or she was just totally oblivious... either way i'm fine with that!
which HID kit did you use? link?
Buddy ordered it for me off ebay for my birthday, it was like $40 shipped, not sure of the brand, came in a plain cardbord box and i haven't even opened it yet, once its on i'll get some pics and let ya know how well it works.
Billy 31 could you help a brother out?

Im trying to install the vapor on my 06 560 and was wondering how your speed sensor was set up. I can see the hole in the stock brake rotor for the magnet, I guess I will have to JB weld it in there because the C -clip they sent will not go on there. So the real question is where do I put the sensor pick up? They gave me a cable that looks like it is susposed to screw into a bolt hole but I dont see one. So if you wouldnt mind taking a look at yours and letting me know I would appreciate alot.

Well mine should be the same set up it, cable has a piece on the end with threads on it, that piece threads into a whole on the caliper just below the pads, should line up with the whole in the rotor where you mount the magnet, when i ran into that problem on my 625 that had smr wheels and breaks i used electrical tape to hold the magnet in... but my 560 has the clip in place so its not ghetto rigged. but my Vapor is fucked up right now, works fine in the day but at night the rpm's fade in and out and my speed looks like chinese symbols. not really sure what that's about :headscrat

a little porn...

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I will have to take a look in the morning. I remember an allen head bolt in the caliper but it didnt look like something I could remove, and it didnt look like it would line up with the magnet in the rotor. If I learn how to post pics I will post one in the morning. Thanks again
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