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Just bought a bike...

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...a 2005 Husqvarna 510 SMR to be precise!

So, I started looking for like minded people on the internet and came across this site.

I built myself a supermoto from a WR400 a couple of years ago and it was a helluva ride, great fun in the hills and to this day I still wonder why I sold it. Now I'm "stepping up" to a purpose made bike, any advice on what I'm in for? :lol:

My personal situation being what it is at the moment I won't be riding the bike until the end of August, it'll be an extended act of self-denial till then. ;)

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Congrats on the Husky. You will love it. August :anim_peep:
:welcome: to SMJ
Thanks for the welcome guys.

Congrats on the Husky. You will love it. August :anim_peep:
yeah...August:damn: I work at a remote weather station in the middle of Australia, I'm here for a 6 month stint that ends August 28th. It's a good opportunity to exercise some self-control. A thing denied makes it all the sweeter when you do get it...right? :hmmm:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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