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Hello, I am one leader of Smotogasm. Smotogasm is a finnish lifestyle / motochannel on YouTube, we are making videos of our riding and stunting. You can find our crew on YouTube(, Facebook and Instagram(@Smotogasm). We want to entertain our viewers with many kinds of riding videos, so we'll do anything to make our fans pleased. The are currently 4 members on Smotogasm. Some of our bikes(for now mainly enduros or 50cc, but in the next summer / spring we will get new bikes to ride with(supermotos of course!). I will get Husqvarna SM 125S and one or two of our members will get KTM 525 EXC or a similiar bike to it.
- The leader of Smotogasm, Oskari.

EDIT: Please don't be mad about the fact that the video above↑ doesn't have supermoto bikes in it. In the future, there will be more than enough supermotos! ♥
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