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Hey Guys its just me a poor ole hillbilly from east tennessee, whos been blowing police ass off since i was a kid on 250 smokers. A cow field here, a back yard there, a twisty section then up over the ridge never to be seen again, you know the style. I've been riding a cr500 for years now and the gas prices has made it all but impossible to load up & go riding(mostly been riding at ohv parks). I've had more fun in the past couple of years dusting (mostly my s**t talking friends on 450's) all kinds of bikes up & down the street. they usually say they've never seen a bike wheelie & roast a back tire at the same time for 20 yards before, niether had i till i got enough balls to really rank the 500 on the pavement in the lower gears. ENOUGH ABOUT MY STUPID ASS, IM FINALLY READY TO GO ALL OUT MOTARDED(17"stickys, possible tag, suspension, brakes, etc.) GREAT SITE ALREADY HAVE LEANED ALOT, THANKS.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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