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Can i offer some constructive criticism regarding the web site design @ 2 things, actually.
First, the blue text on the black background for the schedule portion? I know i am not the only person who has noted that blue on black is very hard to look at. I know from having my own site that some colors just can't be put on one another.
As well, there is no such place as "Englishtown, Pa" as the schedule currently reads for the October events. Sure, most know that it's in NJ, but i guess nobody has brought it to anyones attention. It just look silly.
Just sayin..
Thank you for pointing out the typo with Englishtown, that has been changed. As far as the link color on the schedule tab, I think it had more to do with the font size (which needed to be that small due to space limitations) than color scheme. If you take the links page for example the blue is quite legible but the font size is doubled. I've been building sites for a long time and never heard anyone in the industry say "never put blue on a black background" For example: Entheos Templates However since you say others have a problem with the blue on the schedule tab as well, I have changed the color to gray, and set the type to italic and bold.:thumbup:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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