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I've got 4 brand new factory sealed sets. I'm entertaining all offers over $100, shipped. NO joke!

I don't wanna be greedy, just wanna spread the SMJ love!!

Oversize rotor kits give your SuperMoto bike the competitive edge
Rotor material has higher friction than plain stainless steel for added stopping power
Rotors measure 320mm
Come with caliper relocation bracket
Designed to fit standard hubs

This Item Fits the Following Applications:
2009 Honda XR650L
2008 Honda XR650L
2007 Honda XR650L
2006 Honda XR650L
2005 Honda XR650L
2004 Honda XR650L
2003 Honda XR650L
2002 Honda XR650L
2001 Honda XR650L
2000 Honda XR650L
1999 Honda XR650L
1998 Honda XR650L
1997 Honda XR650L
1996 Honda XR650L
1995 Honda XR650L
1994 Honda XR650L
1993 Honda XR650L
1989 Honda NX650
1988 Honda NX650

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Well.... I don't know what to tell you guys. The company that had them listed earlier must have wised up when I bought all 4 they had in stock. They have since deleted the item from their website, canceled my order, intercepted the shipment and have already refunded my account.

Sorry to burst your bubble(s). I was looking for some EBC's for my old XL600R and happened to find these ones for the XR650L model for only $44.95 ea. An obvious pricing error but I had to try.
Even thought they wouldn't fit my bike, I snapped them up cause I know a lot of you guys could use the price break. ~Melee

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i like where you're mind's at. thanks for the effort - i've tried that before too when kneedraggers was selling vesrah RJL pads (2 sets) for $46 shipped (typically they're $80 at the CHEAPEST). they didn't like that much and did the same thing. cancelled my order. :(

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Keep on eye out on Motostrano's 2 wheel steals and outlet sites. I've got smokin deals on there before on rotor and relocation bracket for my CRF.
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