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Installed seat concepts seat on my DRZ400sm (pics)

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Well if ya own a DRZ ya know the stock seat is a pos. I started having back trouble and numbness very quickly after getting the bike and did some reading on thumpertalk and decided to email seat concepts. All in all its easy as hell to do yourself. Feels amazing now. Custom orders are no problem either. I got a tall seat,firm foam, and shaved down in the back for my size (aka fat),lol. Also chose gripper seat surface with carbon sides. Love it and suggest it to all. See if these pics work. Here we go.


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The first two hundred miles I put on my DRZ left me with a hell of a sore ass :lol:

Even with my regular padded bicycle shorts, it didn't help much. That seat does look comfy.
yea i rode about 100 one day with the stock and my uhmm tackle went numb, was not impressed or happy,lol. They have several options too,I like sitting hire up so tall works great for me.
I built this one over the winter and went with the low seat. Could only do 60 miles with the stock 2 x 4 seat. So far, 400 miles on the Seat Concepts and it's a whole new world! Highly recommended!

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