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Hey all !
First of all i'm new to the forum so i'll introduce myself !

My name is Jonathan, aka Jauny ;)
I'm french (from france) but leave in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) for the moment for my studies.
I'm 20 and I love Supermoto !

ok that enough boring stuffs about me ! Lets get on now...

As you know, in Quebec, during winter we have snow !
Kind of hard to use my slicks with all this heh ? :rolleyes:

So I'm planning on leaving that %$^# country during winter (I would say february). Get the supermoto in the pickup, and ride to you guys in Florida (or near) where the sun never leaves, and allways gives heat !
Then i'll have holydays to the sun... and ALSO (and the most important) the possibility to ride a bit during my loonnnnnggggggggg winter !

So here is the question :
I've been looking for it on the forums and google and didnt find anything really informative... maybe i'm dumb, but I like things wrote black on white you know ;)

Is there any liste (or could you make me one :p) with all Supermoto track in Florida (around Miami etc...) that I could visit with my KTM 450SMR while i'll be here during february ?
With place, name, phone number, website, and all the shit you know !
Then i'll be able to know where, when, and how much, i'll be able to ride if I come a week !

I'm not so difficult on the location... i mean it can be florida or around. Since it's not california !
Don't forget i'm RIDING from montreal ;)

Thanks in advance :)
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