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I bid on a SMC recently (didn't meet reserve) and someone else send me an email saying:

TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM,DON'T REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL,JUST CONTACTSELLER AT (so and so) You expressed interest in an item titled "Other KTM : 625SMC"-Item# 4548325671 by bidding,however the auction has ended with another member as the high bidder.In compliance with eBay policy, this seller is making this Second Chance Offer to you at your bid price of $4,101.00.The seller has issued this Second Chance Offer because either the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction or this seller has duplicate items for sale or the reserve price is not met in a Reserve Price.If you accept this offer, you will be able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection. TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM,DON'T REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL,JUST CONTACT SELLER AT (so and so).

I'm talking to this guy via email and he says he is the original seller. I looked and the guy is from Poland and isn't registered with Ebay anymore. I'm just having fun with this guy and I'd thought I'd share with the group. :lol: :headshake

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send him a void check

dam polish,there just mad because of all the polish jokes

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The same exact thing happened to my sister and she was forwarding me the emails asking if I have ever heard of such a thing. You have to admit some of the scams out there are pretty impressive especially the page they email you. It matches ebay perfectly!
So what have you been telling the guy?

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Here is a copy of the email. I sent a email to him saying why the F#$k I would send the money to a guy in Spain... :laughingr The bike is in Illinois! :lol:

Second Chance Offer -- Buy The Item You Recently Bid On

Dear ,

Good news! The following eBay item, which you placed a bid on, is now available for purchase:

Other KTM : 625SMC - Item #4548325671
Your Price US $4,101.00

Buyer email:

Don't let this get away!


Payment instructions:

Seller's verified payment address:

Fabio Sore
Calle Collon 6

To submit the payment with MoneyGram Money Transfer you have the following option:
Pay for the transfer with cash at a local MoneyGram agent.
Click here to locate the agents in your area :
Because the fee to send a Money Gram Money Transfer is high,compared to other methods of payment, we have arranged with the seller to compensate this fee .

Once the payment was sent, email the seller the following information:
1) Reference number
2) Exact sender's name on file with MoneyGram:
3) Your street address on file with MoneyGram:
4) City and country where you sent the money from:
5) Amount sent:
6)Give an email to the seller at :[email protected] and send him all the information from steps 1,2,3,4,5
Then wait for the confirmation the payment was received. Within 3
business days, you will receive the tracking number for your


Purchase Protection and Refund:
Currently, the Seller has a US $20,000.00 deposit in the eBay managed purchase protection account. Transactions with this eBay Seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors (i.e. eBay Buyer Protection Program and eBay Fraud Protection Program). For your safety, this account was locked today, for a 15 day period. The seller is unable to withdraw money from it, within this period. Should you need a refund for this transaction, the insured amount will be taken from the Seller's purchase protection account and sent to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, or by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your choice. You have 30 days from the above verification date to request a refund. Refund requests are processed within 3 days. The insurer of this transaction is eBay Inc., located at 2145 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125, United States of America. The account is managed by eBay's Square Trade center and this transaction is supervised by eBay's Safe Harbor team.

Conditions to be met before you may ask for a Refund:
Here are the situations suitable for a refund request -
- if the item doesn't arrive and/or the seller ceases communications after the payment was received; - if the merchandise you receive has different specifications than the ones you agreed on;
- if your merchandise arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on (more than 15 days from the payment clearance day). In these cases you have to return the merchandise to the seller prior to ask for your refund. If you did not pay the seller by the required payment method, your refund request would be declined.

Important Usage Guidelines:
The contact information should only be used for resolving matters related to eBay. Any other use is strictly prohibited. This transaction is protected by eBay services such as insurance, feedback and dispute resolution. You may buy and sell with confidence in all transactions with this eBay member. If you need to dispute this transaction, keep the transaction number at hand when contacting eBay. Any complaints must be filed within 30 days from the verification date.
This e-mail message was sent to you from eBay SafeHarbor team, with the full support of the SquareTrade center.The seller was informed about this transaction being started and is awaiting your payment. It is recommended to send the payment as soon as possible, as your purchase protection is valid for 30 days only. Should you encounter any problems with this transaction, please contact us. When contacting our support team, use the reply feature so that all previous correspondences are included in your email. Otherwise, we will not be able to process your request in due time.

To ask for a refund, simply reply to this notification and enter in the subject line:
Refund request for eBay Transaction #4548325671

Thank you for using eBay!

Learn More to protect yourself from Spoof (fake) emails.

eBay sent this email to you because your Notification Preferences indicate that you want to receive Second Chance Offer Notices. eBay will not request personal data (password, credit card/bank numbers) in an email.

If you do not wish to receive further communications, log into "My eBay" by clicking on My eBay link found at the top of the eBay home page and change your Notification Preferences. Please note that it may take up to 14 days to process your request. Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.
Copyright © 2005 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc

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