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I want your bike

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I want to buy a new street supermoto. please make me an offer.
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street legal smr

Hey bro, you need to check out KPRacing smr 450. it is for sale on HERE!!!!!It is in cali, and the title says motorcycle( mine does anyway) and even if you are the one who has to get it all goin with the signals etc, you shouldnt have any problem with the inspection or dmv. The new law is really crunching on titles that say for offroad use only(my cr250 and mycrf450). I think (although i am not positive) the smr husky is street legal from the showroom and Klaus just didnt register it........... that is going to be much more practical for your price range and my husky is way sweeter than a drz, brake components, style, power, weight, blah blah. The last street legal cal plated 04 crf i saw was going for 7500 without any 17s etc just BECAUSE it was plated so unless you want a beat 400f or an outdated 426, the husky or a newer ktm is gonna be about the only way you are gonna pull it off. Better get up around 5K too, you get what you pay for.......i found mine on craigslist in san francisco....... alot of street motarders in the big city. You better just wait until you have cash in hand because i was lucky enough to have the guy hold it for me first and i bought it the next day.......they just go QUICK! :arsenal
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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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