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I want your bike

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I want to buy a new street supermoto. please make me an offer.
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hey ian, buy mine. black with yosh/3x3/jet kit/edge taillight for $4999. CA plate, won't have to touch a wrench to it for another 13k miles. ok for you $4998 :twofinger

why do you want a track bike for the street? provided a drz or dr650 or xr etc could currently spank you on the street, what's the point in getting a maintenance heavy bike? There's still plenty of speed to be found in bulletproof bikes.

if i were you i'd either buy my drz or a smc625. i can't wait to try malcolm's dr650 with 17's. there's a bike that looks shitty on paper that makes a RULING street freeway bombing motard.

i'll call you when my hand is better and my xt is motarded for some firetrail action. that xt is gonna rule that road!
maverick said:
These are a much better street bike, and a lot more performance oriented that a Duke (certainly more thatn a DRZ and it's factory street legal so, no worries about Cali. legal). I'm selling this 04 SMC with just over 300 miles, for 6300.00. It's in Oregon and it would cost you nothing to get it delivered most of the way to you. (San Diego right?)
faster in a straight line does not equal "more performance oriented". I've owned a lc4 and a drz and can cut faster lap times on the drz. that said, the smc is a smokin cool street bike. :thumbup:
70mustang said:
Its so cool that you guys dont let little things like the fact that this was almost a year and a half ago that I was looking for a bike stop you from trying to sell me yours. :twofinger

And BDM, thanks for the killer offer on your drz.
it's out way of telling you you SHOULD buy a new bike wether you're looking or not :twofinger
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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