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I think my tires are Sparking --

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This is the front tire on a YF450Fsm a Bridgestone BT 016f and same on the rear -
steel cord is showing same amount on both sides of front tire -
On the rear tire the steel cord has not worn threw but I figure it one hour left in it-
I use the front brake only 90% of the time and usually just use engine breaking
for rear --

On my YZ250F I have Michelin Pilot Powers and they are about 50%
worn out with same amount of hours --Pilot Powers stick as Good or Better than the
Bridgstone BT -016 - the PPs is whats going on the 450 now-

One thing I did notice is the BT-016 left much darker skid marks in the turns
on Hot days than PP and got the Grease feeling in the turns more than the PP-

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If chicken strips were an eating disorder, that tire would be bulimic! Is the Kate Moss signature edition?

Now hurry up and get some new tires with all the interwebs sales going on.

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