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I need a new headlight...

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I think im about done with the Acerbis diamond, i threw in 55w bulbs and it drained my battery in about 30 mins!! You cant really see much with the 55w anyways, so im going to get a new headlight. what sucks the least juice but is the brightest light? does that make sense? I am now running a fan also on my SMR so there goes more juice, but I need something so that way I dont have to put the bike away after dark!! I know this has been covered in a few spots as in whats the best headlight, but I really need something that doesnt suck alot of amps and runs REALLY bright! I live in the woods and a raccoon in the middle of the road is about as bad as a headon!
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you need dc power with a hid set-up
how do i get DC power?
Im not electrical savvy
actually im retarded, i think i have DC power already. whats a good HID kit for my bike?
which bike will this be for and what lighting stator and flywheel you got?
05 ktm 450 smr
im running the stator from .... ill get back to you on that 1
I have the electric kit from the EXC models, and if im not mistaken i think that comes with a stator. if not i have no idea
so your draining your battery while your riding??? if so you need to re-wire your bike, somethings not right!
im draining it because im overpowering the output, nothing is wrong with it... just too much draw from the lights. thats why im asking for a low drain high output light! :O)
and yes, that is a fat dude smiling... notice the double chin?
if you already have the exc stator/flywheel setup, you could just buy the moose 270w stator. i have that on my smr and its wonderful. the light output is nice and bright, and i havent had any issues with them dimming except when the battery is low. but thats from my battery being weak from the first few times i rode it with the stator from the electric start kit and the battery charging and dying and charging over and over.
Ya if your underpowering the system chances are your lights aren't as bright as they could possibly be.
did you guys float the ground on the EXC stator and start running a full DC system?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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