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Went out to the Harley dealership today after work. And they have a dedicated I'm guessing 4 acre lot for their riders edge course. No curbs, light poles, ect... and they said I could "practice" on it all I want :thumbup:

Suited up and had at it! Made a 9 turn course with the lines. Began to run faster, go hard on the brake, would get into 3rd gear, click down to 1st, feather the clutch and wa-pow! Next thing I know I'm sideways!!! :rock: Holy shit its addictive! I ended up running 50miles over 1.5 hours. I even low sided on cold tires after I took a break, did one slow lap and went full speed :headshake, laughed and kept riding. Do that on a sport bike. skate board wheels do the trick :clap: nothing wrong with me (full leathers) or the bike at all.

A few of the Harley guys stopped by and dropped their jaws when I came into turns sideways :rofl:

Conti SM tires kick serious ass! Very predictable when sliding, and can power slide out of a turn and stay in control without a sweat. They lost a lot of tread in that 50 miles though. I could go out probably two more times before they are toast. 1300 miles on them prior.
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