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Hannegan is the easy choice this weekend, but... I don't want to assume that nobody would be up for trying to help support the efforts happening at Horn Rapids.

I'm feeling a sense of responsibility, but it wouldn't make much of a difference to act on it by myself.

I won't look down on anyone for not rising to the occasion, but I will throw in the guilt factor and mention that this is a critical year. Picture me on the back of a horse now, my face painted with blue woad... many years from now, will you look back and wonder what you contributed? Did you do all you could? Did you make the right choices and not just all the easy, convenient choices? This one showing of support could really boost Terry's feelings about pursuing a small series at Horn Rapids. This could make the difference on how far he takes it.

I know we would have fun when we got there, but Hannegan will be funner and getting there and back is easier. For me, the difference in the fun factor will be made up by the feeling of doing the right thing.

I know you are all wishing I hadn't voiced this!

But, I will understand...

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Well said, Patrick. We (e-board members) should be supporting the development of our sport instead of just choosing the closest fun. Night racing at either location would be great fun. I wish I'd put Harley Night at Hannegan on my travel schedule a long time ago. Night racing at HR would be great fun, too, and I hope Terry is able to organize a series. But I won't be at either event. I've already pre-entered a bicycle event in Portland on Sunday am (30 bucks, NO refunds!) and don't wanna drive all night to get back in time.

We've got more opportunities to ride SM than ever before, but that means attendance can be thin sometimes because of conflicting events. We all have other things we like to do, too (I drove 300+ miles each way last weekend for a dual sport event), and there are only so many weekends. I miss being able to see some of you guys as much as in the last few summers.

We (e-board members) can support NW SM by trying to hit at least some of the away games. I am going to go to Forks for their race on Sat, Aug 11. My wife and I will drive up there on Friday afternoon. I've also entered a bicycle event in Portland on Aug 12, but if I can get out of Forks quickly Sat pm it won't be as tough a drive.

I'm going to the MAC night race on Aug 18. Monroe is tempting, but it seems to be pretty well supported already and a good turnout at MAC is important locally.

Is the Hub City event at Centralia going to happen later this month?

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The Horn Rapids thing is this weekend, Sat. the 4th, as far as I can tell. It looks like TorqueMonster may have been the one to make the mistake, since Ron or Brian fixed Terry's post to include the date.

Regardless... I made the decision to go to Horn Rapids since Ryan is going, but that has changed as of minutes ago. I am so stoked about the Centralia event that I am concerned I might get hurt doing HR or Hannegan and have to miss it. I also have to go to the UK at the end of next week, and I probably shouldn't be doing anything since I am not chasing points.

I think I will be working on the house this weekend while wondering what I am missing.

If the rest of the gang is still going to Hannegan, I will probably show up sans bike. B.I.K.E. is the other way to spell "temptation," right?
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