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I got the Tag...just no place to put it. =) ...

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No, by law it needs to be on the bike and visible for up to 600 feet away :Funny:
Crap!! I'm jealous.....Just pin the plate to your back!
Make yourself a bracket like I did... hide the mounting bolts under the tail light...

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zip tie it to the back of your riding jacket. :thumbup:
=) I've a Husky fender coming that will let me mount it. =) All those other ideas are good though. Might work out another mount anyhow just because this fender is growing on me. You just cant try enough mounts. That's what the girlfriend tells me anyhow.
You guys should peep the Acerbis LED taillight at, its got a plate mount spot as well....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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