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I cut my BIG wrx front fender today, PICS AND VID!

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First thing is first, mix a tall drink of choice:arsenal(mine is a captain and coke). First step I measured about 4.5 inches from the tip of the front fender back, cut it straight off. I then use the cut off piece as a template for my trace line and final cuts. Lay the cut off piece over the fender and carefully trace with a utility knife. I made about 4 passes carefully with progressive pressure(DON"T go all the way through yet!). Then from underneath the fender(start on right or left) I cut all the way through the fender. It comes off really clean if you take your time. I then sand the final piece with 100, 150, then 220 grit sandpaper. It came out real nice. Much better than the factory duck bill. I think it looks like a true supermoto bike now.:thumbup: Only thing left to do is go rip up your tires!(tomorrow cuz I had the drinks):bike:
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more pics.....
:thumbup:Thanks guys!
LOL, usually I'd drink a jack and coke, but I had no jack.:laughingr
Looks awesome! You make me want to get the 250 after all your pics/vids/post!! Yamaha needs to hire you :)

Yeah, I think I probably got a few sales for them(yamaha) on here....I wish, then I wouldnt have to work, I could just ride for a pay check......:headscrat
Tomorrow we are goin out rippin, there will be more vids posted by tomorrow night.
is that the ice cream man I here :laughingr
I was watching your vid and I think I hear one in the back ground.
YES it when I was recording I didnt even pay attention to it, I didnt notice it until I WATCHED the video......lolololol......guess it goes well with all of my other comedy videos.:laughingr
better than exone and the others front fenders... good work
Thanks pal! I think it looks MUCH better than stock.
1 - 7 of 37 Posts
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