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Hi guys, im a new member here.

Bought a new hq 701 2021 this February. I bought an akra exhaust a few weeks ago for literally pennies, but it was on a CB1000RR, and its looks like this. I could fit onto the bike - the diameters are the same - and its running great, only a few things left to fit onto the bike perfectly. No DB killer in it, im planning to use it on track days.

Do i need new mapping? 4 people told me 4 different things... I do, i do not - all aftermarket exhaust do this wo db killer - , only if i wanna replace the stock air intake system as well, 3rd guy told me i do not need any mapping, its not gonna wreck the exhaust valves . which is my biggest fear, i could see orange flames - might be running a little rich -, thats why i think, i must modify the mapping somehow. The fourth guy told me to ask the dealership to install a new mapping and if the comp cant recognize the exhaust, install a Wings exhaust mapping because its a short exhaust as well.

Help me out please. Sorry about my english, its not my native language. :)
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