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Evening Guys,

Sorry for my bad english,

take in mind, im not a mechanic i just like to learn things, :)

this winter i decided to check my Husqvarna 610 engine because it had a slight ticking sound, and i was curious what the state of the piston/cylinder was in.

so i took the top end apart, and checked it all. The cylinder/piston were in good Shape, so whas the camshaft/chain. Only my exhaust valves leaked.. so i grinded them in the head again, and fixed it.

then i built it all together again, i set the timing correctly and adjusted the valves to 0.05mm in/ex.

i fired up the bike it started pretty fast. Only the ticking in the engine was worse as before. I decided to take it for a small ride and it performed amazing. Felt like i had more power then before the rebuild. The exhaust is popping just a litttle on decel, but always did that.
Mixed feelings about the increased ticking noice

i know these are loud singles but this sounds a little to much i think.

i didnt use any kind of gasket for my exhaust cuz i think that is not how it came stock right? I thought maybe an exhaust leak? Any suggestions guys?

video: 30 januari 2023
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