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Husky vs Porsche GT3 + more

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I got dsl today in my new house and I been looking for vids to download as I havent been able for a while. I looked through most of the vids on this site but could hardly play any of the .wmv ones. I used to be able but they run like crap now. I dont know how you guys are encoding these days but something aint right!
Anyhow back to my original point... I had a look at some german sites using babelfish translation and found this pretty damn cool vid
Porsche GT3 vs Husky its 21.7mb 'normal' windows media

It proffessionally done... really well shot. Can't understand a word of the german commentary but certainly worth a look.... I won't say who wins :FU:

I also found this but it plays like crap on my machine. dropping frames everywhere
German SM vid 7.6mb windows media

Enjoy :thumbup:
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McMucker said:
found another

on board cam lookign rear from a KTM380SM to a nasty highsiding 2 smoker :headshake

Highsider ] 3mb mpeg
That guy rides like me... :2hard :laughingr
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