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Just wanted to say hello. I've lurked in the past but thought it was time to register.

I have been riding street bikes for over 30 years and have just gotten interested in supermotos. As you can tell from my signature I am a motorcycle junkie and love to ride. As I am getting ready to approach 50 I have realized that I don't heal as quickly as I used to so my riding is pretty conservative however I do enjoy a good twisty road from time to time.

I started with a 04 KTM 625SMC and kind of by accident bought a 06 KTM 950SM. I really enjoy them both. As they are very different bikes I have thus far been able to justify keeping both of them.

I am starting a new job and am living in Colorado during the week and going home on weekends. BTW I don't recommend living this way. I will bring one of them down to Colorado to have for after work exploring of my new city; just can't decide what one to bring down.

Anyway I've rambled on enough.

Ride safe
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