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I never saw anyone post an official thread on how to post pictures in this wonderful forum, and I had a bit of trouble figuring it out, and I keep getting asked how to post pictures, so i thought I would finally get this rolling (COME ON AND STICKY THIS!!! :lol:)

1) create a photobucket account
2) upload pictures of your sexy two wheeler to said photobucket account
3) when viewing a picture in an album on photobucket, hover over the picture
4) see the "direct link" code? click on it to copy it
5) go into the SuperMotoJunkie forum and start writing your super cool thread
6) when you want to insert your AWESOME picture, click this button:

7) paste your url for your picture in this window (in the format of http://etc.etc.etc)
8) preview your thread and BOOM! it's there
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