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Hi All,

I thought that it's about time I get around to thinking about setting up some lights for my KTM 380 EXC if I'm going to have it on the road by the end of the year... (Hope I found the right forum for this...)

The bike is a '99 380 EXC and didn't come with any lights when I bought it. What I want to end up with is LED lights all around. I want to make a custom LED headlight to fit a certain shape/space, and if that turns out to be easy enough and it can be done for less money, I am thinking that I may as well make up the LED's for brake, 'plate & indicators as well.

But it's been a while since I've touched any electrics (last time would have been when I was making those DIY electronics kits as a kid!) so I'm hoping that some folks can guide me along with some tips & advice...

Wires coming off the generator (stator) seem to indicate that it will put out 130W (going by the manual it should be a 12V 130W SEM K11/60EG-05) from what I can see on the wiring diagram in the manual? (Wires are red, green, black, yellow, yellow. But once I get the engine cleaned up I will remove the cover to check this out to be sure.) And no battery is shown on the wiring diagram so if I'm going to 100% LED light I definitely shouldn't have any power supply problems? I want to keep it simple without a battery as well.

What I'm wondering is the best/easiest way to get it all setup for LED lights... where do I need to wire in the LED flasher unit? Any other tips appreciated - I'll probably have more questions as I get further into this anyway!

Also I've been Googling for projects like this that people have already completed and the search is ongoing, but if anyone knows of a build thread that details a similar conversion it would be great if you could put me onto stuff like that as well.

Cheers :thumbup:
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